Creating joy: a one-day retreat

self-awareness & communication to better ENGAGE IN LIFE


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Trainings use mindfulness, theatre, body integration, dialogue and brainstorms to inspire connection


We explore the social-emotional dynamics of relationships, communication and connection. Workshops use improv, role-plays and dialogue to devise new practices that increase the quality of your dynamics. 

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Better People Company

    Many of us feel stuck in our habits and don’t know how to move into a more positive and loving life. THIS IS A DAY-LONG RETREAT TO MOVE INTO YOUR JOYFUL SELF.

    Light breakfast, lunch, snacks and notebooks included.
    Open to all adults: a willingness to learn a must!   

    Located in scottsdale. Limited space: click here to register.

    4 thursdays starting June 8, 2017  6-8pm

    one-on-one COACHING

    yoga class for emotions

    the right people on the bus

    Sunday July 22, 2017  8am-4pm

    We live in a world of high demand and stress, we must develop creative and healthy ways to respond.

    enhance listening, increase self-awareness and being present using the principles of improv theatre: Notice More, Let Go, Use Everything. 

    THIS IS A 4-WEEK COURSE HELD THURSDAY EVENINGS STARTING JUNE 8.  No acting experience required: open to all -  A willingness to learn and have fun a must!

    Limited space: click here to register.

    improv & mindfulness


    We leave jobs seeking greater fulfillment and meaning.  Whether the struggle comes from leadership, motivation, focus or stress, we can create mission-alignment in teams and boost connection to the company.

    clients, schools and classes: view our past work


    Meeting 1:1 with our qualified facilitators, you're encouraged to take bold action and discover the confidence you need to make changes. Explore your connection with your higher purpose, overcome limiting beliefs and develop path toward self-realization. 


    Sundays starting June 4, 2017  5-6:30pm

    attracting your ideal relationship


    what would you do for love?  Attracting Your Ideal Relationship is a 12-week course in 3 sessions. Using tools that Lisa and Joanna have worked with for years, participants will put their visions into action. Join Joanna and Lisa for all three sessions, or take just one. 

    Using tools that Lisa and Joanna have worked with for years, participants will put their visions into action.


    culture solutions

    BE A "BEST PLACE TO WORK" Develop & maintain a culture in which team members bring their whole selves to what they do, are invited to contribute and have a roadmap for advancement. 

    Understand your role as team leader to sustain a healthy and growth-oriented culture